Apply for Change Load in Electricity Connection in Telangana via MeeSeva Application Form and Procedure

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    The service of load change is provided to the citizen who wants to change the load of their meter. This service is needed while any person wants to change the load of their meter. These services also provide the message facility while there is delay in payment regarding payment and amount of bill. The meeseva also provide the service of load change of meter of electricity connection. The procedure for applying load changing through meeseva center is given below for help of applicant / user.

    The below are the procedures for the service of load changing:

    First step: applicant has to take an application form. For application form, you need to go to the meeseva or visit to the official website of MeeSeva. The link of MeeSeva website is :
    Second step: After visiting to the official website, on this page click on the link of ‘MeeSeva service forms’ link. There is the direct link for visiting to the page of MeeSeva service form. The link is given below:

    Third step: on the page of service forms, there are so many department like Aadhar , Agriculture, Civil supplies, Department of Factories, NPDCL, Employment, Education etc. Click on the NPDCL department. And download the application form of load change. And then also take a print out of the application form.

    Forth step: fill all the necessary details in the application form of load change. Do not leave any blank in the application form; otherwise your form will be rejected.

    Fifth step: after filling the application form completely, submit the application form to the nearest meeseva center. MeeSeva center forward your application to the ADE officer.

    Sixth step: The ADE officer will verifies your application and documents. And when the Ade officer verified your application form and documents, you will receive the status of your application.

    Seventh step: if your application is accepted, then in the prescribed time limit you will receive your service of load change.

    Visit to the below given link to download the application form in PDF file:

    This link is provided for downloading of application form of load change.

    @) A load change application form.

    @) A copy of latest power bill.

    The processing time period for changing load of electricity connection is 30 days.

    There are two types of charges to be charged on load changing. The charges are given below:

    Service charges:
    The services charges are to pay for the service of load change are RS 35.

    Statutory charges
    The statutory charges are different for different category, different load.

    Any citizen who wants to know the contact details of meeseva , then he / she has to visit to the below given link:
    Dear user, we think that you are satisfied from the service provided by us. Thank you for using our service.
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    “MeeSeva” in Telugu suggests that, ‘At your service’, i.e. service to voters. it's a decent governance initiative that ncorporates the vision of National eGov set up “Public Services nearer to Home” and facilitates clerking portal for entire vary of G2C& G2B services.The objective of MeeSeva is to supply sensible, national central, ethical, economical and effective governance expedited by technology. The initiative involves universal and non-discriminatory delivery of all government services to voters & Businessmen of all strata and improved potency, transparency and answer ability for the govt.. The initiative options reworked government-citizen interface in the slightest degree levels of administration in conjunction with a shared governance model.
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