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    Birth certificate is a very crucial certificate for every person. Birth certificate is a legal document as age proof of a person. Birth certificate is a proof of name of the child, birth place where the child is born, and residence place .It is necessary to register every new birth in the register of birth. The birth of child is necessary to register within 21 days to nearest Birth Registration office of your district / region. Birth certificate acts as age proof. Age proof is needed at many places such as while applying for government jobs, admission in school, driving license, passport, etc.

    Like birth certificate, death certificate is also an important document. Death certificate is a proof of a person death that the name of person in the death certificate is decreased. It is necessary to register for death certificate after the death of a person. Birth and Death are registered under the Act of Births and Deaths Registration Act.

    If any person finds any mistake in birth and death certificate then he / she can also apply for correction of birth and death certificate. The department also provides us the facility of correction of birth and death certificate.

    There are procedures for correction in birth and death certificate. Procedures for correction in birth and death certificate are same. Applicant can follow the procedures and easily apply for correction in birth or death certificate. The procedures are given below:

    First step: The applicant has to take an application form. Application form is available on your nearest center of MeeSeva center or applicant can download the application form from the official website of MeeSeva center. The link of official website of MeeSeva center is given below:
    Second step: on the first page of MeeSeva website, there on the left column of page, click on ‘MeeSeva service forms’.

    Third step: applicant can also visit directly on service forms page form the below given link. There you get different types of forms of different departments.
    Forth step: on given page, for downloading application form of correction in Birth or Death certificate, click GHMC department option.

    Fifth step: after downloading form of correction of birth or death certificate, take a print out of application form in prescribed form.

    Fifth step: fill all the necessary information in the application form. Do not fill any wrong information; otherwise department will reject your application form by the officer of department or by MeeSeva officer.

    Sixth step: attach all documents, the list of documents are given below and submit the application form with prescribed fee. And do not forget to take an acknowledge slip from MeeSeva center.

    Seventh step: after this, MeeSeva , send your application to the Municipal Commissioner. Then the officer checks your application and verifies documents to be submitted by you.

    Eight steps: if the officer seems your application and documents correct then the officer approves your application and you get your certificate in the prescribed time period. Applicant also gets a SMS regarding approval or rejection of their application as application status.

    There are the links for downloading application form of correction of Birth or Death certificate. From there applicant can directly download the application form.

    Link for downloading application form of correction of Birth and Death certificate is:

    Documents required for Correction in Birth Certificate
    (a) Original birth certificate

    (b) Declaration by the parents and also attested by two gazette officers

    (c) A copy of documentary evidences (available) such as ration card, voter ID card, passport, etc.

    (d) A letter from the hospital authority from where child is born.

    (e) An affidavit on the stamp paper of Rs 10.

    Documents for Correction in Death Certificate
    (a) Original death certificate.

    (b) A copy of address proof, you can use any of the documents as address proof like ration card , voter ID card, mark sheet , telephone bill etc.

    (c) In case death occurred in hospital then letter from hospital containing facts.

    (d) A copy of any other supporting documents.

    The fee charges to be charged for correction in both birth and death certificate are same. There are two charges charged by the department for correction of birth and death certificate are:

    ·Service charges: service charges charged for correction of birth and death certificate are RS 35. And additional charges for every extra copy are RS 5 per copy.

    ·Statutory charges: statutory charges charged are RS 60 and additional charges for every extra copy are Rs 25.

    The department take 6 days time for correction in both birth and death certificate. The correct birth or death certificate is received by the applicant after submission of application is 6 days.

    For Contact details of meeseva , applicant can visit to the below given link. There you get contact details of center.
    For center details of MeeSeva , applicant can go to the below given link:
    Applicant for any kind of complaint or help, applicant can also call on call center number:

    Call center number- 1100
  2. Hello I am Muhammad Abdul I want to make correction at my Dob certificate
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  3. My daughter is 5 years and her name was spelled wrong in the certificate which I wanted to correct it now. I just want to include the sur name in it. As per the requirements, I have downloaded the application and made it signed with the two gazzated officers, took an affidavit, took a bonafied from the school and given all the copies of my documents like passport, driving license, Adhaar and PAN. But the person at MEE SEVA is saying to make an attestation for all those copies by a gazzated officer and delaying the processes. Kindly suggest, is it compulsory that the copies to be attested.
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    i lost my application form registration number how to get certificate.
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  5. Dear sir my Child birth Certificate my Sur Name and Address is spelled wrong in the certificate which I wanted to correct it now. sur Name is Ch.Siddappa and my Address 13-3-69/4 Kabir Nagar Near ,Mothi nagar and including my Child Name also in My Child Birth Certificate my Child Name is Ch.Sujay
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    Sir in my duaghter certifiate my name is incorrect mohammed iftequar is correct my daughter name is huriyah fatima
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    HI, i want to apply for making changes on the application form regarding.
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  8. In mee seva they are not changing name in date of birth certificate.
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    For me they are asking Rs 650/- for attestation for all those copies.

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