Apply for Fresh-New or Renewal of Driving License in Police Department of Telangana

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    A citizen of India can request to the police department for fresh and renewal of different types of license. The police department issue fresh and renewed license. The types of license are fresh 3 star hotel license, fresh license of 5 star hotel, renewal of 3 star hotel license, renewed license of 5 star hotel, license of bars , dhabas license ( fresh and renewal both), resorts restaurants licenses. For applying fresh and renewed license, applicant can take help of meeseva . For this, you need to take an application form and follow the procedures prescribed by the Government.

    The procedures for fresh / renewal of license through meeseva are given below:

    First step: for applying fresh / renewal of licenses, you need to take an application form of fresh/ renewal license. The application form is received from the meeseva centre or from the official website of the department. Or you can directly download the application form from the below given link:

    Second step: after downloading the application form, take a print out of the application form of fresh / renewal license in the A – 4 size formats.

    Third step: now you need to fill all the required details in the application form. All the details to be filled in the application form are to be correct. Do not fill any wrong information in the form.

    Forth step: attach all the documents to be given below. All the soft copies of required documents with also hard copies of documents. Applicant should take original documents with the photo copies of the documents.

    Fifth step: submit the application to the nearest meeseva centre for further processes.

    Sixth step: after the prescribed limit and approval of your application. You will receive your fresh / renewed license from the meeseva centre.

    • A photo copy of address.
    • An identity proof copy.
    • Required written petition from applicant.
    Applicant’s details
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Occupation
    Details of Father / Mother / Spouse
    • Relationship with applicant
    • Relative’s first name
    • Relative’s surname
    Address and contact details
    • Address line 1
    • Address line 2
    • State / UT
    • District
    • City
    • Pin code
    • E- mail address
    • Contact number
    Service details
    • Service required
    • District
    • Police station jurisdiction known
    • Service fee
    • Remark
    • Nearest land mark
    The service charges to be charged are RS 35 and statutory charges are to be paid as stipulated.

    The link for contact details is given below:
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    State Government of Telangana permit Application New Registration on-line, Submission on-line kind, Application method. permit and form No.9 Self-Declaration For Non. Transport Vehicle For kind No.1 one For Medical Certificate For Transport Vehicle.I am driver in call taxi kochi .I apply renewal license in Kerala Govt. Telangana minister of finance E. Rajendra explained getting to application new and Registration Process on-line ways. Before Separate Telangana Government Andhra Pradesh Government Provides Combined Transport Services and provides licensed Certificates and Vehicle Registration Numbers. Medical Certificate for state Transport and Vehicle Transport on-line Prescribed Charges contemporary License. Renewal Application amused over One month before end of License Date. Free License and Renewal License Certificate on-line Cases Fee thirty Rupees. License end data
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