Apply for Pre Matric Scholarship in Telangana Online Application and Procedure for MeeSeva Center

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    The scholarships are the financial help given to the candidate for further studies. Scholarships are given to those students whose family do not have money. Normally, scholarships are given to encourage students. For getting scholarships the students must give test of scholarship. This test is called means test. Those students / candidates pass the means test, are eligible to get scholarship. The scholarships are given to financial support the candidate for further studies. A scholarship is given for a reason because he / she won or qualified the ability test of scholarship. Our government provides scholarships to those students who belong to the scheduled caste or tribal community and whose family total income will not exceed the maximum limit prescribed by the government. The limit of total income may be different in different states.

    There are different types of scholarship programs which are as follows:

    (A) Merit – Based: The Merit-based scholarships are generally provided by the private organizations or directly by the colleges to the students, high score in standardized test.

    (B) Student – Specific: These scholarships are given on the base on race, sex, religion, gender, medical history.

    (C) Carrere - Specific: These types of scholarship are given by the colleges or university to their students who plan to study in specific fields. In United State, many schools provide full scholarships for nurses to enter in this field.

    (D) College - Scholarship: These types of scholarships are provided to their brilliant/ highly qualified students by the individual colleges.

    (E) Athletic: These types of scholarship are provided to the sports students who are excellent in sports.

    There are different types of scholarships. Applicant can apply for scholarship programme through meeseva . MeeSeva centers provide simple steps for applying scholarships. The applicant can apply for scholarship through the below given procedures:

    First Step: Applicant should have to take an application form for applying for scholarship. Applicant can get the application form from the meeseva centre and you can also download the application form from the official website of the department. The link of official website of meeseva Telangana is given below :

    Second Step: Than, applicant has to click on ‘MeeSeva services forms’ option for downloading application form or you can also visit directly to this page through the below given link:

    Third Step: On next page, different departments name are to be given such as: aadhaar ,aarogyasri, agriculture, CDMA, civil supplies, Education, commissionerate of industries , and Department of Factories, Social welfare department etc. for downloading application form of Fresh scholarship, click on the social welfare department.

    Fourth Step: On the Social Welfare department option, you get an application form for applying fresh scholarship, then download the application form, and take a print out of form in the prescribed format of A-4 size.

    Fifth Step: After taking print out of application form, you need to fill all necessary details in the application form. All the details to be filled in application form should be correct. All the details to be filled in application form should be in capital letters.

    Sixth Step: Attach all necessary documents with application form. The list of required documents are given mentioned below.

    Seventh Step: After this, applicant needs to visit to the nearest Meeseva centre of your region /area, and submit the application form with documents. Deposit required fee charges. Give your details like mobile number to the department for giving you information about your scholarship. After depositing application form and fee, they provide you an acknowledge slip.

    There you have given a link for downloading application form of pre matriculation scholarship. The link is given below:

    • A copy of income certificate of parents.
    • A copy of recent passport size photograph of applicant.
    • A copy of first page of bank pass book.
    • A copy of Aadhar card of applicant.
    • A copy of caste certificate.
    The applicant has to fill the following details in the application form:

    @= SSC student details
    • Aadhar number
    • Student name
    • Father name
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Mobile number
    • Aadhar no.
    @= Student particulars
    • Student name
    • Father name
    • Mother name
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Ration card number
    • Aadhar card number
    • Profession of parents
    • Community / religion
    • Caste category
    • Sub caste
    • Physically challenge
    @= School particulars
    • School district
    • School district
    • School class
    • Medium
    • Admission number
    • Admission date
    • Previous school
    • Total marks
    • Obtained marks
    • Percentage
    @= Student bank account details
    • Bank district
    • Bank name
    • Branch name and IFSC code
    • Student bank account no
    • Re – enter student account number
    @= Address
    • Country
    • State
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Village
    • Care of
    • Building
    • Street
    • Land mark
    • Locality
    • Pin code
    • Enter mobile no
    • Re- enter mobile number
    • Mobile number belongs to
    @= Income certificate details
    • Income certificate number
    • Applicant name
    • Father name
    • Applicant name
    • District
    • Mandal
    • MRO name
    • Total income
    @= Caste certificate details
    • Caste certificate number
    • Applicant name
    • Father name
    • District
    • Mandal
    • MRO name
    • Total income
    The fee charges charged by the applicant for filling application form of Pre- Matriculation Scholarship are RS 25.

    For Contact details of meeseva , applicant can visit to the below given link. There you get contact details of centre.

    For centre details of MeeSeva , applicant can go to the below given link:

    Applicant for any kind of complaint or help, applicant can also call on call center number: Call center number- 1100

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