Employment Exchange Registration Renewal Procedure Online and Application via MeeSeva Center tg.meeseva.gov.in

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    Directorate of employment was establishment to facilitate job seekers. The directorate of employment established to provide a unique registration number and providing them information regarding jobs as per their qualification criteria. In the starting of employment exchange department, there are so many complaints regarding registration of employment Exchange. But now, complaints are reduced now .today, various public department started online facility to reduce corruption.

    The department of Government in the process of making employment Exchange better, trying many things. Presently, department identified following areas for vocational trainings are:

    (A) Skills for maintaining personal hygiene.

    (B) Skills for serving cooked food.

    (C) Skills for maintaining big kitchens, cooking hygiene food, storage of food before its serving.

    (D) Skills required for housekeeping like preparation of beds and replacement of bed sheets.

    (E) Skills required for handling pets.

    (F) Skills required for answering telephone calls.

    The commissionerate of Employment and training issued a notification requesting unemployed and job seekers regarding renewal of their Employment Registration Card. The Employment Registration Card should be renewed after certain time.

    The causes of the bad performance of Employment exchange are: no recruitment by state, unemployability is a vast problem from unemployment.

    The application can apply for renewal of registration through MeeSeva . The procedures are as given below.

    First Step: First take an application form. for application form, applicant has to go to the nearest centre of MeeSeva centre or on the official website of MeeSeva centre. The link of official website of MeeSeva is below given:

    Second Step: On the next page, on the left side of this page a column given, for downloading application form click on ‘MeeSeva services forms’ option or you can directly go to this page, link is given below:

    Third Step: On the given page, department's name are to be given such as: Aadhaar, Aarogyasri, agriculture, CDMA, civil supplies, Employment, commissionerate of industries , Department of Factories etc. for downloading application form of renewal of Registration , click on the Employment department.

    Fourth Step: After this, download the application form of Modification of Details with Employment, and then take a print out of form in the prescribed format of A-4 size.

    Fifth Step: Fill all necessary details in the application form. All the details to be filled in application form should be correct; because details and spelling you fill in application form will be given in your documents. All the details to be filled in application form should be in capital letters.

    Sixth Step: Attach all necessary documents with the application form. The list of necessary documents is given below.

    Seventh Step: After this visit to your nearest Meeseva center of your district, and submit the application form with documents and some charges as fee charges. After depositing fee charges for further required processes. Give your details like phone number to the department for providing you information regarding your application status. Do not forget to take an acknowledge slip.

    Eight Steps: After this, MeeSeva send your application form with required documents to the District Employment officer, they check your application and verify documents. If application is accepted / reject, applicant will receive a SMS regarding status of application.

    Ninth Step: If your application seems good to the concerned officer, then he renewed your registration.

    Applicant can directly download the application form for Renewal of Registration from the below given link:

    • An application form.
    • Old Registration.
    @= Applicant’s details
    • UID no. (Aadhar card no)
    • Name
    • Employment Registration number
    • Mobile no
    • E- mail ID
    • Date of Registration
    @= Please enter the next renewal date from candidate’s employment card
    • Renewal month
    • Renewal year

    Name of the officer: G T Vernkateshwar Rao, I.R.S.
    Name of designation: Director
    State: Telangana
    Phone no: 23352849 (STD code – 040)
    Fax no: 23356650 (STD code – 040)

    For center details of meeseva Telangana state, applicant can visit to this link:

    Applicant for any kind of complaint or help, applicant can also call on call center number: Call center number- 1100

    Dear guest, we hope you are satisfied from our answers. Thank you.
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  3. Ramana

    Ramana Guest

    I contacted meeseva centers, meeseva head office and commissioner.
    Meeseva did not have such employment registration/renewal service in Telangana state.
    It looks to be someone posted wrong information on employment registration and renewal hear.
  4. guest

    guest New Member

    Hi this is hemanth. Today I went to meet seva they dont have renewal or registration service. Plz check
  5. guest

    guest New Member

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    To Employment officer.

    I am Sreenu gollapalli
    Qualification B Tech (EEE)
    Year of Passed out 2011
    I first registered Employment in 2011 in Tirupathi
    SV University Employment Office (Got Employment card)
    Renewal Employment 2013 (Still not get Employment card)
    So how i can renewal my Employment registration.
    Please give me Details.

    Sreenu Gollapalli
    s/o Vengaiah
    T Boyamadugula (Village&post)
    Varikuntapadu (Mandal)
    S.P.S.R. Nellore (District)
    Andhra Pradesh
    Pin 564632.
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    Hi this is Ramya Sree. I request anyone to say me the procedure that 'How to update my qualification in Telangana Employment Card & the fee for it by online'.
  7. guest

    guest New Member

  8. guest

    guest New Member

    Dear Sir /Madam
    My registration No.G/1/2006/5935 I renewal my employment card at mee seva on 08.05.2018. I got a renewal receipt but in this receipt there is a no next renewal date.
  9. guest

    guest New Member

    Hi this is pushpalatha . I request anyone to say me the renewal last date expiry. I got a how to renewal Telangana Employment Card & the fee for it by online'.thanks & regards pushpa .
  10. guest

    guest New Member

    my name is srinivas i want to renewal my employement card but i saty in mumbai can i renewal from mumbai
  11. guest

    guest New Member

    How to Registration Renewal
  12. guest

    guest New Member

    my name is anuradha want to renewal my employment card but i stay in mahabubnagar.
  13. guest

    guest New Member

    Waste of time to go mee seva. I think its a fake news y bcz oftenly i went to meeeva for renewal but the site is not opening. Totally fraud
  14. guest

    guest New Member

    come to the head office and renwal it
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