Encumbrance Certificate Application Form and Procedure to Apply in Telangana via MeeSeva Centers tg.meeseva.gov.in

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    The Encumbrance certificate is needed while purchasing a property. This certificate describes the title deed of property. Owning a property is a dream of every one. But buying a property is not an easy task. It involves lots of complexities. In order to know about the title of property is clear or not, Encumbrance certificate is needed. The Encumbrance certificate is also called EC in short. The encumbrance certificate means charges / liabilities on property that means it is held as security against any loan / mortgage or not. The Encumbrance certificate contains all the details of registered transactions done on the property to the period when the Encumbrance certificate is made. This certificate is acts as a proof that there are no charges / liabilities on property at the purchasing / sale of property.

    The needs of Encumbrance Certificate are:

    (A) The EC is needed to know about the past transactions of property at the time of purchase of property.
    (B) Through Encumbrance Certificate, buyer came to about that is there any liabilities on property.
    (C) While applying for loan form bank, banks also demand Encumbrance Certificate of past 13 years for granting loan.

    There are the procedures for applying Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana through meeseva . The procedures are given below:

    First Step: Applicant has to take an application form for applying Encumbrance Certificate. Applicant can take application form from the meeseva centre and you can also download the application form from the official website of the department. You can directly visit to the official website of meeseva through the below given link:

    Second Step: After visiting the official website, you need to click on ‘MeeSeva services forms’ option for downloading application form or you can also visit directly on this page through the below given link:

    Third Step: On that page, departments name are to be given such as: Aadhaar Aarogyasri, agriculture, CDMA, civil supplies, Education, commissionerate of industries , Registration department and Department of Factories etc. click on Registration Department for downloading application form of Encumbrance certificate,

    Fourth Step: In the Encumbrance department option, you get an application form of migration certificate, then download the application form, and take a print out of form.

    Fifth Step: After taking print out, fill all following necessary details in the application form such as :

    • Name of property owner
    • Sale / Purchase deed of property, etc.
    • All the details to be filled in application form should be correct.
    Sixth Step: Attach all required documents with the filled application form which list of document is mentioned below.

    Seventh Step: After this visit to the nearest Meeseva centre of your region /area, and submit the application form with documents. They asked you for some small charges as fee charges. After depositing fee charges. Do not forget to take an acknowledge slip.

    Eight Step: After this at meeseva, concerned officer will check your documents. If found correct then forward it to the SRO officer.

    Ninth Step: If the SRO officer seems everything correct then he forwards, then approval / rejection status of your request sent to meeseva. And also sent an SMS to the applicant about approval / rejection of request. If accepted then you will receive your Encumbrance certificate from meeseva centre after showing your acknowledgement slip.

    Applicant can directly download the application form of Encumbrance certificate, for this link is given below:

    • An application form.
    The service charges to be paid by the applicant are RS 25.and applicant has also pay statutory charges. There are different statutory charges as per age are:

    (A) If the age is below 30 years then pay charges are RS 200.
    (B) If the age is 30 or above 30 years, then RS 500 to be paid.

    The Encumbrance certificate is to be received on the same day, if application form is submitted on the same day before 2 p.m. and if paid after 2 p.m. , then Encumbrance certificate is to be received on next day.

    For knowing Contact details of meeseva , applicant can visit to the below given link. There you get all contact details of centre.

    For centre details of MeeSeva , applicant can go to the below given link:

    Applicant for any kind of complaint or help, applicant can also call on call center number: Call center number- 1100

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