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    If any person is running any factory then he / she has to fill Annual Return according to the Factory Act, 1948. Return should be paid annually or in every six months. Annual return is different from factory to factory. It is depend upon the size and production of factory. For filling annual return of factory, applicant should make audit of factory accounts with a C.A. (Chartered Accountant). Return should be filled only after the audit of records / accounts. Return is to be filled in the prescribed form. Below given are the procedures for Annual Return.

    • Register of compensatory holidays
    • Register of adult workers
    • Register of leave with wage register
    • Muster roll
    • Register of accident and dangerous occurrences
    • Inspection book
    • Register of total number of employees
    • Register of salary / wages of employees
    First Step: Application should audited all records / accounts of factory from the C.A.

    Second Step: Take audit report and tax payment details form C.A. a C.A. will provide audit report only after checking / inspecting all the records.

    Third Step: Take a form of annual return from the meeseva centre or download it from the official website of the meeseva . the link of meeseva Telangana website is given below:
    Forth Step: Click o the below given link of the website of meesseva . On this page, click on the link of’ MeeSeva Service Forms’. The direct link for visiting on the page of MeeSeva service forms is given below:
    Fifth Step: On meeseva service form page, there are different types of department like Aaddhar , Agriculture, Civil Supplies, Endowment, Department of factory, NPDCL , GHMC , Mines and Minerals, etc . Click on the department of Department of Factory. The application form of Annual Return is give under the Department Of Factory.

    Sixth Step: After clicking on the department of Factory, click on the form of annual Return. And then Download the form of annual return Pym net, and take a print out of the application form.

    Seventh Step: After taking print out of form, fill all the details regarding expenses, payment, receipts etc in the form. All the details to the filled are should be correct.

    Eight Step: Now, you need to attach all required document with form. The list of documents is given below.

    Ninth Step: Submit your annual return application form to your nearest meeseva service centre. After submission do not forget to take challan from the counter officer of meeseva . challan is proof of filling return.

    Annual Return application form link through meeseva website is:

    • An application form of Annual Return.
    • An application forms of form no 2.
    • A copy of process design of factory manufacturing products.
    • A copy of details regarding scale of production.
    • A copy of PAN card etc.
    @= Request details
    • Factory registration details
    @= Factory details
    • Year of submission of annual returns
    @= Applicant details
    • Aadhar card number
    • Name of the occupier
    • Father name
    • Door number
    • Locality
    • State
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Village
    • Mobile number
    @= Service specific details
    • Name of occupier
    • Address of the occupier
    • Name of the manager
    • Address of the manager
    • Employer code if available
    • SSI registration number if available
    • Nature of factory like large, medium, small
    • Total number of days worked in the year
    @= Workers number of working details
    • Average number of persons employed
    • Adult men
    a. Regular
    b. Contract
    c. Casual

    • Adult women

    a. Regular
    b. Contract
    c. Casual

    • Adolescents children without certificate of fitness

    a. Regular
    b. Contract
    c. Casual

    • Total number of days worked in the year
    • Number of days worked
    a. Adult men
    b. Adult women
    c. Adolescents children without certificate of fitness
    d. Is any process is dangerous then how many workers are employed in it

    @= Salary details
    Total salaries and wages paid
    Total amount of bonus paid
    Rate of percentage of bonus paid
    Total amount of welfare fund contributed

    @= Facilities provided / established as required by the factories Act, tick yes /no
    • Cooled drinking water
    • Safety officers
    • Ambulance room u/s 45
    • Canteen u/s 48
    • Full time / part time / retainer basis medical officer
    • Shelter / rest or lunch room u/s 47
    • Welfare officer u/s 49
    @= Fatal / Non Fatal Accidents
    • Total number of fatal accidents
    • Total number of Nonfatal accidents
    • Ma days lost due to Non – fatal accidents
    @= Maternity / Medical benefits
    • No of cases maternity benefits claimed
    • No of cases maternity benefits paid
    • No of cases leave for miscarriage applied
    • No of cases leave for miscarriage granted
    • No of cases additional leave for illness applied
    • No of case additional leave for illness granted
    • Total amount of maternity benefits paid
    @= Annual leave details
    • No of workers who were entitled to annual leave with the wages during the year
    • No of workers who were allowed to annual leave with the wages during the year
    • Total amount paid towards annual leave with wages encashment
    @= Authorized person details
    • Authorized name
    • Relation
    • E mail ID
    • Delivery type
    • Mobile number
    • Employ ID
    • Designation
    @= Signature of applicant

    The processing time limit for filling annual return after filling from is 15 minutes only.

    The charges to be paid by the applicant for filling annual return as service charge are RS25.

    There are no statutory charges to be charged while filling for annual return.

    Director (In charge)
    • Name of officer: GT Vernkateswar Rao, I.R.S
    • Phone no: 23352849 (STD code – 040)
    Deputy Director
    • Name of officer: Sri. Srinivas Pendyala
    • Phone no: 8008114602
    Helpline number of meeseva : 1100.

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