How to Apply for NOC, Character, Verification and Other Certificate in Police Department of Telangana State Process and Fees

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    The police department also provide the facility of issuance of different types of certificate. Any citizen can request for issuance of certificate to the police department. The different types of certificate such as character certificate of a person it contains behavioral details of a person, antecedent certificate, job verification certificate, NOC for vehicle transfer. meeseva provides the service of issuing certificates from police department.

    The procedures are given as follows from applying certificate like character certificate, NOC for vehicle transfer etc are:

    First step: applicant has to take an application form. The application form for issuance of certificates, you have to visit to the meeseva or to the official website of the meeseva. Downloading the application form from the official website of MeeSeva, the link of MeeSeva website is given below :
    Second step: then click on the link of ‘MeeSeva service forms’ link. There is the link for directly visiting to the page of MeeSeva service form is:
    Third step: after this, click on the department of police. Download the application form of Issuance of Certificate. And take a print out of the required form.

    Forth step: fill all the blanks in the application form of Issuance Certificate. Do not leave any blank otherwise your form will be rejected by the meeseva concerned officer.

    Fifth step: submit your request application form to the meeseva center. From there MeeSeva center forward your application to the Nodal officer. The Nodal officer verify application and forward it to the CI officer.

    Sixth step: when the CI officer verify then he forward it to the SHO officer. And after verifying request further forward it again to the CI officer. And then the CI officer forwards it to the Nadal officer.

    Seventh step: after receiving application form CI officer, Nadal officer forward it to the SDPO for further verification. And when the SDPO verified, forward it to the SHO. When he verify the application and document then he send the approval / rejection status of application to the SDPO and the SDPO sent the status report to the Nodal officer.

    Eighth step: and after this Nodal officer sends the application / request status to the meeseva and meeseva sent the status report or certificate to the applicant.

    The applicant can download the application form of Issuance of Certificate, the link is:

    The documents to be required at the time of submission of application form for Issuance of Certificate are:
    • Petition written by the applicant. It should be hand written by the applicant.
    • A copy of address proof.
    • A copy of identity proof.
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