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    If any person wants to change his / her name from due to any reason then he / she has to follow the prescribed procedures. For changing name, a person should give a public notice in any local newspaper. There may be much reason for change of name. The meeseva also provides the facility of changing name. Any person can apply for change of his / her name in any document like birth certificate, PAN card, voter ID card etc. The below provided procedures for changing name can be used for any reason other than the reason of any adverse records.

    1. For wrong printing of name in any certificate of a student, then he she can apply for change of name.

    2. Change of surname due to marriage of a woman.

    3. People staying in aboard , can apply for change of name.

    4. For Ex service persons.

    If any person’s name is entering wrong in its any document / certificate, then he / she has to face may problems like:
    • He / she can not apply for passport.
    • Cannot take benefit of his / her parents insurance after their death.
    • No one with wrong name can not apply for further studies in aboard.
    There may be more cause of wrong / misspelled name. The below given causes are some of them.

    First Step: Visit to the official website of meeseva or on the nearest meeseva centre of our region. Or we provide you the direct link for downloading application form of changing name. The link for downloading application form is:

    Second Step: Click on the link of application form, and download the application form of changing name. And also take a print out of application form.

    Third Step: On the printed application form, fill all the required details in the application form of changing name. No detail should be wrongly filed in the form.

    Forth Step: All necessary documents required with the application are to be attached.

    Fifth Step: After completing all the above procedures, visit to the meeseva centre and deposit the application form with all necessary documents.

    Sixth Step: After depositing the application form with required documents on the counter of meeseva operator. And also deposit required fee charges for changing name to the operator of meeseva. The operator will check your application and check that all the documents are to be attached.

    Seventh Step: If all seems good, then the operator submits your application and forwards your application to the Tahasildar. The Tahasildar verify your application and documents. If seems correct then approve your request.

    Eight Steps: After this applicant also receive its application status on his / her registered mobile number.

    • Two recent passport size photographs of applicant.
    • An application form of change of name.
    • An affidavit stating reasons of changing his / her name.
    • A citizenship certificate photo copy which is issued by the Gazetted officer.
    • Copies all the certificates from class 1 to 10 attested by the Gazetted officer.
    • A copy of certificate from police station stating that he / she have not came in any adverse record in the last five year.
    • A copy of documents like Aadhar card, ration card, voter ID card etc.
    The process of changing name takes 15 days time period.

    Two types of charges are charged by the meeseva operator for the service of name change is:
    • User Charges: The user charges to e charged for the service of name change is RS 35 only.
    • Challan Charges: The challan charges to be charged for the service of name change are nil.
    The details are:

    @= Applicant details
    • Applicant present surname
    • Applicant proposed surname
    • Applicant present name
    • Applicant proposed surname
    • Gender
    • Marital status
    • Father name
    • Mother name
    • Husband / wife name
    • Police station name having jurisdiction
    • Age
    • Place of birth
    • Distinct
    • Mandal
    • Village / ward
    • Locality/ land mark
    • Door number
    • Pin code
    @= Occupation details
    • Profession
    @= Government employee details (fill details only if government employee)
    • Name of employee
    • Name of department
    • Designation
    • Date of appointment
    @= Non government employee details
    • Name of employee
    • Name of company
    • Designation
    • Date of appointment
    • Company address
    @= Others
    • Mention your employment
    @= Occupation details
    • Mention your work / education
    @= Informant details
    • Informant name
    • Relationship with applicant
    • Mobile number
    • E mail ID
    • Delivery type
    @= Postal details
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Village / ward
    • Locality / land mark
    • Door number
    • Pin code
    For any kind of other help, related information, you can visit to the official website of meeseva is:

    Name of the officer: G T Vernkateshwar Rao, I.R.S.
    • Name of designation: Director
    • State: Telangana
    • Phone no: 23352849 (STD code – 040)
    • Fax no: 23356650 (STD code – 040)
    For any kind of center details of meeseva Telangana state, applicant can visit to this link:

    Applicant for any kind of complaint or query, can also call on call center number: Call center number- 1100

    Dear guest, we hope that you are satisfied from the below given answer provided by us. Thank you. We feel happy to help all our users.
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