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    The service of name change provides the facility of changing name of a person for the existing connection which is registered previously in the existing connection. In this service, name of person to which name connection is registered in the previous time would be change into a new name and registered the existing connection into the new person’s name change. After using the service of change of name, the bill of existing connection came to a new name which is registered after using the service. But still the service of change of name is not available in all the regions of Telanagana state. This service is available only in some districts of Telangana state. The name districts are Nizamabad and Warangal. For using this service, applicant has to fill an application form of name change. The applicant can also apply through meeseva centre.


    There are the procedures for applying change of name in the existing connection is as follows:

    Step 1: First applicant has to take an application form from the meeseva centre or download the form from the official website of the meeseva . we provide you the link of website of meeseva Telangana , which is given below:

    Step 2: For downloading application form of change of name, applicant has to download the form from the website of meeseva . On the page of meeseva website, click on the’ MeeSeva Service Forms’ link. Below given is the direct link for visiting on the page of MeeSeva service forms:

    Step 3: On the meeseva service form page, there are given different types of department and forms relating to this departments like Aaddhar , Agriculture, Civil Supplies, Endowment, NPDCL , GHMC , Mines and Minerals, TSSPDCL etc . The application form of CPDCL change of name in existing connection is available in the department of TSSPDCL. And then Click on the department of TSSPDCL.

    Step 4: After you click on the page of TSSPDCL department, click on the required form of CPDCL name change. After this, download the application form of name change, and also take a print out of the application form of name change.

    Step 5: After you take a print out, you need to fill all the required details in the application form of name change. All the details should be filled in the application form are to be correct. All the details to be filled in the application form are to be in clear writing so that officer will easily check the application form.

    Step 6: Now, application need to attach all the required documents with the application form. The list of required documents is mentioned below.

    Step 7: Application after completing all the above given procedures you need to submit your request service application form to your nearest meeseva service centre. After submission of name change application form, do not forget to take an acknowledge slip from the operator of meeseva centre.

    The below given link is provided for downloading the application form of name change is :

    @> An identification document of applicant, any of the following documents can be used as identity proof:
    • Ration card
    • Voter ID card
    • PAN card
    • Aadhaar card,
    • Driving license
    @> A copy of caste certificate only if the applicant belongs to SC / ST caste.

    @> A copy of ownership certificate/ sale deed / Indemnity bond only in case of premises on lease.

    @> A permission letter from municipality / gram panchayat, the permission is required from any authority.

    @> An indemnity bond copy.

    @> A copy of transfer / transferee document.

    @> A copy of latest bill and also with receipt of bill.

    @> An application form of name change.

    A. Service connection number

    B. Circle name

    C. ERO code

    D. Consumer details

    • Actual consumer surname
    • Changed consumer surname
    • Actual consumer name
    • Changed consumer name
    • Actual father name
    • Changed father name
    • Actual caste
    • Changed caste
    • Actual mobile number
    • Changed mobile number
    • Service type
    • Reason for name change
    E. Location of premises
    • Houser number
    • Street
    • Circle
    • Mandal
    • Village
    • Pin code
    • Section name
    • Location type
    • Location name
    • Load connected
    • Dispatch number
    F. Informant details
    • Aadhaar card number
    • Informant name
    • Relation
    • Door number
    • Locality / land mark
    • District
    • Mandal
    • Village / ward
    • Pin code
    • Mobile number
    • Land line number
    • E – mail ID
    • Security deposit
    • Delivery type
    • Proof document
    • Identity proof
    The related category of the service of name change is B.

    The processing time period required for the service of name change takes 7 days.

    The services charges need to be paid by the applicant for the service of name change are Rs 35 only.

    The statutory charges need to pay for the service of name change are RS 25 plus stipulated charges.

    The details of contact of meeseva centre, applicant you can visit to the link which is given below:

    @#. Applicant do not forget to take acknowledge slip, after submission of application form of name change.

    @#. Applicant does not fill any unclear and wrong information in the application form of name change. Otherwise yoyur application will be rejected by the concerned officer.

    @#. Always carry all the required original documents with photocopies to documents.

    Dear user, we hope that you are satisfied form the below given information provided by us to you relating to the change of name of existing connection.
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    We bought our house from some other. We have no contact with them.
    We have only the documents of the house. Is this enough to change the name?
    Please reply.
    Thanks and regards
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    The erstwhile state State Electricity Board that came into existence in 1959 was accountable for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity. Beneath Electricity Sector Reforms agenda, Government of state publicized Andhra Pradesh Electricity Reforms Act,1998.The erstwhile APSEB was unbundled into one Generating Company (APGENCO),One Transmission Company(APTRANSCO ) and Four Distribution corporations (APDISCOMs) as half of the reform method. Those are CPDCL,EPDCL, NPDCL and SPDCL.
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    What are you trying to say here??? Please respond RELEVANTLY, bit not for the sake of seeking attention.
  6. my bill payment is paid but receipt not provided.
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    I purchased new house some other person...I want change the name in electricity bill...what is the process...how much charge
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    Meeseva Gachibowli, Indira Nagar office denied to the name change process of electric bill .May I know how tt change the name , recrecen purchased a house
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    we need change our company name in our HT bill
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    hi sir my 3 phase meter changing but that meter ownership person dead i am that person son can you tell i change the name
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    I am looking to get the e-bill in my mail.
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    sir my elactry bill name change how plz telme
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    How to change name in electricity bill..
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    what is the matter to written in Rs.100/- bond paper and Rs.10 bond paper in case of change of name in meter. Please give model matter to write.
    Anwar Pasha cell9949992844
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